The development and growth of cancer represents an immune system failure. As a result, most cancers successfully evade an individual’s immune response. This is what causes devastating disease. While the immune failure arises due to multiple factors, our technology focuses on the lack of proper activation of key immune cells.


In order for an effective immune response to clear the body of cancer, certain immune cells must recognize that there is a threat. Cancerous cells produce antigens or small pieces of the tumor that could lead to immune recognition and subsequent tumor destruction.  IAHT takes advantage of the normal cellular response to heat stress to provide a cancer therapeutic derived from the patient’s own immune system - a personalized attack on the exact cancer composition affecting the patient. Additionally, as a by-product of this natural immune initiation, a vaccine-like memory response is left to combat possible recurrence of that specific disease. This is very important given a double-digit chance of recurrence of cancer.

Kaio Therapy’s IAHT simultaneously educates and activates each individually captured antigen, essentially building an army of cancer killing immune cells. All expressions of the cancer are killed, whether in primary, metastatic or circulating cancer cells.


The therapeutic benefit achieved through our Immune Activating Heat Therapy (IAHT) is derived from a low energy interaction between the proprietary Alternating Magnetic Field (AMF) device and minimally invasive patented nanoparticle formulation. The system employs a precisely controlled and targeted electro-magnetic field over the nanoparticle-infused tumor. The net positive charge of the MCL increases an intake efficiency of the magnetite into the negatively charged malignant tumor cells and prevents the leakage of MCLs from the tumor. The intracellular deposition of the magnetite is just part of the advantage we have over traditional attempts at hyperthermia. It allows for the ability to uniformly heat the malignant tumor tissue with fine tuned precision. The resulting hyperthermic immunotherapy is designed to modulate the patient’s own immune response to better recognize and vigorously attack cancerous cells.