Kaio's strategy is to develop and in-license technologies and therapies that enable the body’s own immune system to work more efficiently. The goal is to improve clinical outcomes for patients, increase the number and efficacy of therapeutic options available to patients, eliminating adverse events common to other forms of cancer therapies, minimizing adverse events when used in combination with other therapies, reducing costs, and do all of this naturally.

In pursuit of this goal, Kaio licensed exclusive rights for human use of a cancer therapeutic technology originating with a Japanese consortium of developers.  We are continuing the development of an hyperthermia cancer therapy platform that previously demonstrated promising results in multiple animal studies and a small human safety trial in Japan, with the ultimate goal of commercialization. The therapy centers around a combination medical device in which iron nano-particles are injected into a tumor and then heated using an alternating magnetic field (AMF) generator. 

Kaio’s business is conducted locally by a small team of experts within the fields of electrical engineering, biochemistry, immunology and business development.  Major early activities such as drug process development/production and medical device design/manufacture have been outsourced and continue to be closely managed by our team.  As the company matures and expands, these and other critical activities will be internalized.