Kaio Therapy’s Immune Activating Heat Therapy (IAHT) combines the promising and rapidly expanding field of immunotherapy with the proven effects of hyperthermia. It allows patients a treatment for primary tumor elimination, tumor control and margin reduction with an immunotherapeutic component


Simply put, Kaio Therapy’s IAHT technology activates the immune system and destroys cancer cells.  


Specifically, the technology results in an increased number of cancer antigens bound to Heat Shock Proteins (HSP).  This mechanism naturally allows more of a person’s unique combination of cancer antigens to be presented to their immune system, resulting in a broad and robust activation that is essential for immunotherapy.  The patient treated with IAHT should expect a very specific attack on the treated tumor as well as distant tumors and “dormant” cancer cells.  Essentially, IAHT provides a treatment solution that has the potential to positively influence the outcome of all existing threats anywhere in the body that stems from the single treated tumor.


Our IAHT system is currently focused on cutaneous tumors (although we anticipate easy migration to other indications such as primary breast tumors and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck – SCCHN). The therapy is comprised of two components.  First, a solution of nanoparticles is injected into the tumor to be treated. This Magnetite Cationic Liposome (MCL) nanoparticle formulation enables the injected material to remain within the treated cancer cells for an extended period of time.  The second component is an Alternating Magnetic Field (AMF) device that uses the dynamics of a changing magnetic field to excite the intracellular magnetite nanoparticles to produce a precisely controlled “fever” with the tumor cells. Adjacent normal tissue is largely unaffected. The device emissions are harmless to both the operating technician as well as the patient receiving the therapy, with no appreciable effect on cells not containing MCLs.